Our Services.
Transforming your vision into reality through our comprehensive services.
Our Wide Range of Services
From design and planning to construction and project management, Nest is dedicated to giving its clients a wide range of services. Our team of experts works closely with you to fully grasp your particular needs and specifications, and we take great pride in meeting and even exceeding your expectations with our work. Whether you want to build a house or buy your first piece of land, we are here to make your vision a reality.
Save & Build
In order to help save money for the construction of your home, our Save & Build program was created. Simply make consistent deposits with us over a predetermined period after coordinating your budget and a suitable savings strategy. Our team will then start looking for land in your preferred neighbourhood as soon as the deposit grows or start developing on the house plan in line with your vision.

Call or send a WhatsApp message to our advisors to learn more about our program.

Land services
In Uganda, we provide a huge variety of land listings in desirable areas. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the regional real estate market in significant suburbs, and we're dedicated to assisting you in finding the ideal plot of land that meets your needs and financial constraints.
Home construction
NEST is here to help as your building partner at every stage of the building process, from the design plan and site preparation to the development of the structure and interior finishing. In accordance with your payment schedule and anticipated completion date, the construction phases can also be planned flexibly
Rent to Own
This enables our clients to purchase real estate without having to pay a sizable down payment or mortgage at first. The payments made over the course of the rental agreement will be applied toward the cost of the house and may also be used to support a later mortgage application for the remaining balance. Before making the significant commitment of buying a home, you, as the buyer, can assess the property.