About Us
Real Estate for your future.
Who we are.
The mission of Nest Hawks, a real estate company providing a wide range of products, is to increase Ugandans' average level of home ownership.

Low- and middle-income earners can now buy land or begin construction with ease and flexibility thanks to our Save & Build program. We also provide our customers flexible payment plans and professional guidance required to buy land and construct homes hassle-free.

To produce a generation of homeowners and encourage diversity in the real estate industry as a whole.
Core Values
1. Creativity
With the help of our technology-based initiatives and customer-focused programs, we thrive on creating cutting-edge solutions to contemporary housing difficulties.
2. Excellence
We take pleasure in providing our customers with products of the finest calibre together with top-notch customer service to maximize their investment.
3. Transparency
The values that guide our team's code of conduct are honesty, integrity, and accountability to both internal and external stakeholders.